About Cusco Unique Experience

Cusco Unique Experience is a tour operator located in Cusco, Peru. We want to show you the best of Peru from the classic outings such as Machu Picchu that speak to the imagination to the entire world to magnificent remote landscapes, where for example you can experience staying with a native family in order to get an insight into the daily life of indigenous Peruvians. It’s a special combination of Culture, Nature, Adventure and Gastronomic experiences.

Our objective is to make innovative and personalized, diversified tour packages, creating great memories for our travelers. You will not receive a lecture on history and wildlife but instead you will gain personal insights from guides who know these places like the back of their hand. It is not a lazy holiday. You will go back home enriched with knowledge and experiences that extend your horizon. It will be so different from spending two weeks comfortably ensconced in a hotel deck chair besides a pool getting served drinks with a little umbrella in them!

Cusco Unique Experience strongly believes in the importance of taking care of the environment by recycling, not littering the surroundings, planting trees and respecting protected areas. We are also devoted to helping local communities that are in need. We are aware that we are living in a third world country and there are many communities that need our help. We respect and understand the native cultures by learning about their traditions, life style, and heritage and teaching to our travelers and team.

Who We Are

Founder and COO, leads the company focus on excellence with commitment to the highest service levels

Rainbow Mountain Cusco

Founder and CEO, leads our tema in marketing, finance, user experience, design and customer service

Our Guides

Hola!! As a native of Peru, I have an insider’s familiarity with Latin American countries and know how to best discover them in order for our clients to have an exceptional experience. As an experienced traveller, I feel very grateful to have had the opportunity to live in Holland and Canada to experience different cultures in Europe, North America and Latin America…but still there are more wonderful places to visit.

For almost 5 years I’ve embraced my career as a travel consultant. Along with my background in Tourism and Administration, I’ve always been intrigued by the travel industry and the connection with art, culture, nature, gastronomy, people and adventure.

Travel has to be fun, engaging, and inspiring. Sometimes it stirs your soul, makes you appreciate what you have and teaches you things about yourself (or your travel companions). Having a deep customer service background, I have the ability to understand your needs. my sensitivity allows me to truly tailor to travel dreams. Travelling with Cusco Experience helps to bring families together, create memories and reduce the stress from travel planning. In the end the best feeling for me is to hear your excitement your vacation in Peru, when you return back to your home country. I love being able to make a dream vacation come true, whether it’s your first travel experience or one of many you’ve taken.

No trip is too complicated, so give me a call to make your next journey special!

Hola, my name is Brian, originally I am from Denmark, but I have been living in Cusco for since 2012, where I have lived happily together with my wife and her son in Cusco and we all have a lot of passion for the culture of Peru. I have experience working in the tourism industry in Peru since 2013 and I like to show the rest of the world what a wonderful culture and nature this country has to offer. Before I started working here, I also have been working as a guide in Europe and as an archaeologist in Peru, so I have a lot of experience working with tourists and also I have been going deep under the culture of Peru, helping finding archaeological sites around the unknown areas in the Peruvian mountains, where the pre-Incas used to live. This experience has helped me to understand the people and the country better and how important the Incan Culture is for the natives, which also helps me to transfer the understanding of the strong culture to the visitors that comes here to experience Peru. Finally my passion is to travel around the world, knowing new cultures and personalities and help poor people. I hope that I can help you to have a great cultural experience here in Peru you will never forget. Adios.
Hola, my name is Rina Patricia Rubio Caceres. I was born  in the city of Cusco
I studied in the Private School of the Daughters of Santa Ana emphasizing in Physical Education, Arts and History.
I worked since I was 17 years old in small jobs, but always highlighting the Tourist Service to become Official Tourism Guide where I am currently developing and with the passion to make known the beauty and history of our land Cusco cradle of a millenary culture.

Our mission is to provide quality service, with competetive prices and personalized itineraries according to the needs of our clients. We want our clients to have a fantastic and safe trip experience with the best qualified and trained professional staff, that improve our service level.



Through excelent service, developement and good counsultancy, we want the happiest and the most satisfied clients and we want to be the favourite travel angency for our costumers to trip with. We want to built a good trip experience and memories in Peru, that our clients never will forget.


Teamwork - to get the best product, its necessary to work togehter in a team

Loyality - for our costumers and employees

Enthutiasm - we are enthutiastic and want to give the best experience to our costumers

Developement - Use our experiences to make a better product and make quality sercive

Accurateness - we seek knowledge and use our ressources with careness

Our Certificates

Trust & quality are the ground stone of our business, along with our other important values. Our important values are the ground stones of our business, and therefore we promise ourselves to particularly high standards of trust  and quality.

We want you to have the confidence in booking your travel products with Cusco Unique Experience. For this reason we take our accreditation, certifications and professional memberships very seriously.

Founded and located in the heart of the capital of the Incas; Cusco, Perú, The members of Cusco Unique Experience are proud to be fully licensed by the Regional Direction of International Foreign Trade and Tourism (Dircetur).

At the same time, we require that the businesses we work with the same high standards that we strive for in everything we do. As a travel agency promoting the culture, the gastronomy, the architecture, the ecology, the traditions, the history and the nature of Perú. it is extremely important to us that we do our part to preserve our destinations, and that our visitors, employees and environment are treated with the greatest respect.

Cusco Experience Certificate