Rural Experience in Cusco, Lake Titicaca & Colca Canyon 14d/13n

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Welcome to the Sacred Valley

Sacred Valley


Full Itinerary

Day 1: Welcome to the Sacred Valley of the Incas

Welcome to Perú. Upon arrival in Cusco you will be met and get a warm welcome by the Cusco Unique Experience team. From Cusco you will be transferred to the Sacred Valley where you will have the rest of the day at your leisure.

Day 2: Visiting a Native Community (B - L - D)

From April to November (Huayllafara Community)

In the morning you will get picked up at your hotel in the Sacred Valley and depart to the local community of Huayllafara. Once you arrive to the community, the locals will bring you to the cultural interpretation center, where the community welcomes you with music, throwing beautiful native flowers and they will make a symbolic ceremony to Mother Earth in order to thank them for this new day and the opportunity of being and sharing with people from different cultures. Thereafter you will join the community members to the fields, to participate in the agricultural activity according to the time of year. You will learn about the connection of the Andean man and agriculture heritage from their ancestors, using ancestral tools such as chaquitaclla, cuti, lampa among others. The explanation and demonstration in each of the processes make you understand how to get a direct connection with Mother Earth and understand the relationship of the inhabitants of the community with the Andean universe. After being in the fields with the locals, lunch with a native touch will be served with local ingredients. In the night, before going to bed, the natives will also serve you dinner and you will enjoy it among the local people. The overnight stay takes place in a little house located in the community.

From December to March (Chuquibamba Community)

In the morning you will get picked up at your hotel in the Sacred Valley and depart to the local community of Chuquibamba. Once you arrive to the community, they will welcome you with native flowers and Andean music. Thereafter you will go for a walk of 30 minutes towards the slopes of a mountain where the local Achupalla plant grows. This is a plant with thorns that is used for many utilities: for cooking, baskets, food for their breeding animals, wood fuel, medicinal use, and the locals eat the worms that grow inside the plant during the era of flowering. You will learn and experience how the locals use this plant and taste the local cuisine with the ingredients that grows in the community. The local inhabitants of Chuquibamba will also show and teach you how they use all growing plants of the area to medicinal plants and how they use it to cure diseases and body pain. After learning about the community, lunch with a native touch will be served with local ingredients. In the night, before going to bed, the natives will also serve you dinner and you will enjoy it among the local people. The overnight stay takes place in a little house located in the community.

Day 3: The Sacred Valley & Train to Machu Picchu (B - L)

Once you wake up at the native community in the Sacred Valley, breakfast will be served. Thereafter you will say goodbye to all the local people and depart to Pisaq, where your tour guide will be waiting for you. The Sacred Valley of the Incas was important for the Incan Empire as it worked as an agricultural, spiritual and political center. This tour will take you through amazing scenic Andean landscapes to the interesting archaeological site of the town Pisac which were a former military base of the Incas and is where ancient Inca priests once existed. Next stop will be at the town of Yanahuara where we will enjoy a delicious lunch based on typical dishes from the exquisite Peruvian cuisine. Ollantaytambo is the most well-preserved town in Peru today considering the Incan architecture and is also the holder of a great archaeological site, where big monuments are located on the steep mountain hills and the faces of the surrounding mountains. After experiencing Ollantaytambo, the train ride to Aguas Calientes awaits and will take you through beautiful Andean landscape along the great Vilcanota River. In Aguas Calientes, neat touristic restaurants, souvenir markets and natural hot springs will be available. There you will get settled comfortably in your hotel and get a good night sleep before the next day´s big adventure to the Lost City of the Incas.

Day 4: Machu Picchu & Train to Ollantaytambo (B)

Very early in the morning you and the tour guide will take the bus up to Machu Picchu. Once the gates to Machu Picchu open, your guide will take you through an amazing roundtrip in this amazing city, you will pass by all its temples, offering areas, Inca monuments and you will learn about the history and the culture of the Incas. If you are an adventurous person and want to see more of the site, you can also take a hike to the magnificent mountain Huayna Picchu, located next to Machu Picchu. From there you can walk to the top of the mountain between Inca temples and houses and see Machu Picchu from many different angels. You can also hike down behind Huayna Picchu Mountain to its cave, where the Incas once kept mummies and sacred treasures. This hike is not included in the tour package and it is much recommended to book this hike several months in advance, due to its high popularity and restricted availability. In the late afternoon your train will take you back to Ollantaytambo where you will walk to your hotel which is located very close to the train station.

Day 5: Maras Moray & Chinchero (B - L)

Today you will visit some spectacular sites in the Sacred Valley of Cusco constructed by the Incas and the nature of Peru. This private tour will take you to the Salineras salt mine which includes over 3000 salt pools, close to the town of Maras. This tour will also show you the spectacular agricultural labs of the Incas, which have shapes of aqueducts from the old Roman times. The tour guide will explain with more information the myths and ancient histories about these two wonders. Arriving in the town of Chinchero, we will stop and have a delicious lunch in a touristic restaurant in where some of the famous Peruvian food will be served. Chinchero is famous for its amazing textile market and you can have the opportunity to buy a beautiful textile souvenir home. Its archaeological site is located beautifully together with the main church of the town and your tour guide will teach all about its history and myths. Before going back to your hotel in Cusco, you will get a demonstration of how the textiles in this area is hand made, colored and how the textile clothes is produced.

Day 6: Cusco City & Color your Journey (B)

Cusco City is not only the ancient capital of the Incas, but also the most popular tourist destination in South America. The city tour will take you to Qorikancha; the temple of the sun, which was the most important religious center of the Incas, where ancient temples are located and the history of the Spanish conquest and the Inca society will be found. It will take you to the very interesting Cathedral located on Plaza de Armas in Cusco which is a very important place for the locals of Cusco, there you will find some very important paintings, art and histories. The tour also goes to the amazing Inca fortress Sacsayhauman, where the Incas ones had a big war against the Spanish conquistadors, to Qenqo, a religious Inca site, to Tambomachay, an intelligent irrigation center and to Pukara Pukara, a military base of the Incas.

After the visit you will be transferred back to your hotel. At the end of the day, be surprised with your choice of a detailed coffee or chocolate workshop, go relaxing in an Incan inspired spa session or take a Peruvian cooking class and learn all about the famous Peruvian Cuisine.

Day 7: Cusco to Puno through the Southern Valley (B - L)

In time for your bus ride to Lake Titicaca you will be picked up at your hotel in Cusco and transferred to the bus station. During the 10-hours bus ride you will be visiting different touristic sites such as the Sistine Chapel of the Americas of Andahuaylillas, the Inca temple of Raqchi, enjoying the view point of la Raya, the Museum of the Inca Aymara and you will enjoy a delicious lunch in the town of Sicuani. During the trip your guide will explain you all about the different sites and its histories You will arrive in Puno around 5:00pm from where your driver will transfer you to your hotel at the banks of Lake Titicaca.

Day 8: Visiting the Native Community of Llachón (B - L - D)

Early in the morning you will get picked up at your hotel in Puno and depart towards the native community of Llachón. The drive takes around 2 hours. Once you arrive to the community, the locals will welcome you in their own traditional way, where after you will get settled in the house where you will spent the night. Once you are ready to discover the life of the community, you will participate in an agricultural activity with the local people (however if you feel tired, you can also go relaxing), where the locals will show you how they work in their fields and in their agriculture. You will learn about the tools they use and how the agricultural process works. Around 12:30pm lunch will be served and you will taste the local food made from the ingredients from the area. After lunch you will go on a small hike with the locals to the viewpoint of Carus where the ceremonial temple of Inka Cancha is located as well. The hike takes around 1 hour and 20 minutes and there you will get a beautiful view of Lake Titicaca and its islands. Once you return back to the community, the locals will dress you up in their typical clothes and take photos of you and the surroundings. In the end of the day, dinner will be ready waiting for you at the restaurant of the community.

Day 9: The Island of Uros Titino (B - L)

Once you wake up, had breakfast and enjoyed the beautiful surroundings and nature of the area, we will take you by boat, to the island of Uros Titino, which is inhabited by the legendary Uros, fishermen who have made the use of Totora reeds a way of life. The way of living and culture on this islands is very special and you will learn about their history and traditions. Once you are back at the community, lunch will be served. In the end of the day you will be transferred back to your hotel in Puno.

Day 10: Lake Titicaca to Colca Canyon (B)

In the morning you will be transferred from your hotel at Lake Titicaca to the bu station in Puno where your bus ride to Colca Canyon awaits. During the 6-hour long trip you will have a few stops to look at bird species, lagoons, Andean animals, beautiful landscapes, have coca tea time and admire the mighty volcano Patapampa. Along the way you will be provided with snacks and water and the bus guide will explain all about the landscape and history you will be passing by. Once in Chivay a representative will pick you up and transfer you to your hotel.

Day 11: Visiting the Native Community of Coporaque  (B - L - D)

After you have enjoyed your breakfast at your hotel, you will get picked up by your driver to go to the native community in the town of Coporaque. Once you arrive to the Coporaque district you will receive a warm welcome by the host family, where after you will get settled in the rural houses, where a typical lunch based on local products awaits you. You can experience this community in two ways;


1) you can either go with your host family, who will show you and visit the surroundings of the town, its main square while sharing daily activities with the family such as cooking and preparing local products, trying traditional clothes from the area or cow milking.


2) If you are more an adventurous person, you can take a 45-minute walk along trails around the community instead, from where you can appreciate the landscape of the area and the terraces of the pre-Inca civilization.


After knowing and learning a bit more about the culture and life of this community you can take a rest in a relaxing bath in the hot springs of Sallihuay, which is located very close to the community. Later dinner in the rural house will be served and the locals of the community will exchange experiences and their life with you. They will teach you some Quechua (native language), do storytelling and explain about their legends and myths of their culture.

Day 12: Colca Canyon to Arequipa  (B - L)

After having breakfast with your local host family, you will say goodbye and depart towards the Colca Canyon. Your driver will meet you at the community and take you to the most spectacular places in the Colca Canyon. Along the way, we will stop in some small Andean villages where the Colonial architecture continues to be well preserved and you will experience some of the most amazing pre-inca terrases you can find around Perú. We will then travel along the canyon until we reach the ‘Mirador Cruz del Condor’, which is the most popular viewing point for looking into the depths of the Colca Canyon; at this particular point the canyon is 1200m deep. From there you will almost always experience condors flying over you with breathtaking scenery in the background. You will have an opportunity for a short hike along the canyon. Once you have taken in the refreshing air of the Colca Canyon, we will head to your hotel in Arequipa, which will take approximately 4 hours.

Day 13: Arequipa Walking City Tour (B)

At first you will visit the Santa Catalina monastery, which is a sample of four centuries of Arequipa architecture. The intrusive cells, the small streets and cloisters are full of colorful flowers and walls painted in fresh dyes. The narrow alleys lead to the various parts of the convent that go through picturesque places with the original furniturs displayed. Thereafter the tour goes to the Plaza de Armas of Arequipa, one of the most beautiful main squares in Peru, the Jesuit Church of the Company, which in its beautiful facade shows the so-called mestizo architecture, its cloisters and dome, you will visit the Tristan del Pozo mansion and in the end, we will visit the Andean Santuarios museum where the lady of the Ampato is found, and other mummies whose stories are a sample of the magical religious beliefs and the man - nature relationship that supported their purpose of life in this world.

Day 14: Farewell Peru (B)

In time for your domestic flight to Lima you will be picked up from your hotel in Arequipa and transferred to its Airport.

We hope that you had a unique experience with us!


Not Included

  • Meals as indicated (B=Breakfast / L=Lunch / D=Dinner

  • Airport pick-up and drop-off

  • Private transportation throughout the trip

  • Private guides throughout the trip (the guide in the community in Colca speaks only Spanish)

  • All entrance fees

  • Tours in the Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Cusco & Arequipa in private service

  • Tours in the native communities, Lake Titicaca & Colca Canyon in group service

  • Color your journey experience in Cusco

  • Train from Ollantaytambo to Aguas Calientes (round trip)

  • Bus from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu (round trip)

  • Tourist coach from Cusco to Puno

  • Tourist coach from Puno to Chivay

  • All accommodations based on 3 star hotels

  • All local tax

  • Optional: entrance tickets to Huayna Picchu / Machu Picchu Montaña

  • Domestic flights

  • International flights

  • Tips


Colca Canyon to Arequipa



Farewell Peru

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Visiting a Native Community

Local Community


Machu Picchu & back to the Sacred Valley

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Visiting the Native Community of Llachón

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The Sacred Valley & Train to Aguas Calientes

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Maras Moray & Chinchero



Cusco to Puno through the Southern Valley



The Island of Uros Titino



Visiting the Native Community of Coporaque

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